Damaging Winds

The first day of Spring is a frigid one across Michigan today. Winds in the Bay region are soaring over 25 mph. Wind can wreak havoc on the roof and siding of your home. We offer emergency tarping for homeowners experiencing wind damage to their roofs. If you’re in need of emergency tarping or a free estimate for damage to your home please give us a call.

Toll Free: 877-ROOF-033
810-235-9866 or 989-892-5200


It’s March Madness time!

Join our NCAA March Madness Tournament today, be the one with the most points total at the end, and win a FREE 50″ HD Flatscreen TV!

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Point Breakdown:
Round 1 – 1 point
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Elite Eight – 8 points
Final Four – 16 points
Championship – 32 points
*Championship game’s total score as a tiebreaker*

Good luck!
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Saginaw Table Times

Lock Roofing is featured in the Saginaw Table Times in the Following restaurants:

  • Sullivan’s Food & Spirits
  • Tony’s Fashion Square
  • Teppanyaki Grill
  • Supreme Buffet
  • Blue Note Lounge & Grill
  • Hamilton Street Pub
  • Willow Tree Restaurant

Blog Newsletter

Letters From Clients

“What a delightful surprise it was to have received your box of goodies! We are enjoying the use of each thing + we thank you for the thank you! Also, our neighbors have noticed and complimented the speed + efficiency of your job. They compared it to another in the area and you came out positively! Just thought you’d appreciate hearing that! ?

Thank you so much for the card, Larry, Carol and Dan! We appreciate it immensely!



Happy 1 Year Anniversary

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone here that worked late nights and early mornings after the horrible wind storm last year on March 8 to assist customers with damage to their homes. That day started our busy season off early and it lasted into 2018. We appreciate everyones hard work and our customers patience during one of our busiest times in over 35 years. It was definitely a day none of us will forget.


Snow Removal

Over a foot of snow has arrived in Michigan. This much snow can cause damage to your roof, especially if we get warm ups. Under-insulated homes will lose heat through the roof, melting snow from the roof up – with frozen overhangs, this will cause water to back up under your shingles and leak into your house.

To prevent this, snow should be removed from the eavelines of your home. We offer snow removal services, as well as calcium chloride treatments! Call us today at 877-ROOF-033 or 810-235-9866 if you are in need of these services!


Published Media Videos

Roofers trying to catch up on projects from Fall 2017

It may have been in the 20s today, but crews at Lockhart Roofing were soaking in the sunshine and getting work done!

Roofers trying to catch up on projects from Fall 2017

“The winter weather is slowing down roofing crews as they try to catch up on projects from fall of last year. The phones at Lockhart Roofing started ringing after the winter storm in March and they haven’t stopped. But, they were able to take advantage of the sunshine.”
Ann PierretABC12- WJRT Reporter




?Happy Holidays from Lockhart Roofing ?

Our office will be closed Saturday December 23rd – Monday January 1st 2018

We will open Tuesday January 2, 2018 @ 8 am

Our 2018 Winter hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm

Thank you!


❄️❄️❄️❄️ ❄️ Winter is here! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

The winter weather has finally arrived and can damage your home. There are a few methods we use to prevent damage from happening. ??

Snow loads that are too heavy for your roof to handle can cause damage to sheathing, rafters or trusses. When snow loads exceed 6”- 8” and more snow is predicted, it is recommended to have the snow removed from your homes eavelines. Winter warm ups and re-freezing can cause ice damming which will cause leaks in your homes interior, and removing the snow from the eavelines will prevent this.

We offer a few different options for snow removal and winter maintenance. We apply calcium chloride to eavelines and gutters which will help with melting ice and this chemical is also harmless to your roof, plants and shrubs. The calcium chloride in your gutters will help the waterflow to continue and avoid water and ice from backing up under your shingles.

?‍♂️ Some of the services we offer for winter are ?‍♂️
Removal of snow from 3’ – 6’ of your eaveline (depending on the overhang size) and the application of calcium chloride on eavelines and in gutters

Removal of snow from complete roof (depending on pitch) and the application of calcium chloride on eavelines and in gutters

Call us today @ 810-235-9866

Blog Community Needs

Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

Lockhart Roofing is teaming up with Anthony Dirrell and Dirrell’s Chance Foundation for this year’s Thanksgiving Turkey Drop going on today! Families in need, feel free to stop by and get yourselves a turkey (while supplies last). See flyer for details.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ?


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